Segunda Lengua Spanish School Without Walls & Online Spanish Academy

Now learn to speak Spanish like you’ve never been taught before and at times and places convenient to you! At Segunda Lengua Spanish School Without Walls and Online Spanish Academy you have two great ways to learn Spanish:

  • Take one-on-one classes at home and Skype Your Way to Spanish Fluency through our Online Spanish Academy.
  • Or immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture as an individual or as part of a group tour that combines on-site learning with exciting travel and cultural experiences at the Segunda Lengua Spanish School Without Walls.
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Learn via Skype

Our teaching method, developed through years of teaching Spanish as a second language, is simple, straight-forward, and very effective even for students who have had difficulties learning Spanish in the past.

All of our classes are taught by qualified, native-speaking Ecuadorian teachers. And the Spanish spoken in Ecuador is considered to be some of the best in Latin America.

Our program coordinators are native English speakers and are based in the United States, so you can get the answers to all your questions and make arrangements for classes and payments in English.

Best of all, our prices are affordable—One-on-one online classes are available for as little as $14 per hour. Prices for our Spanish School Without Walls vary by itinerary, but can be tailored to fit a range of budgets. For more details on online classes, visit our Online Spanish Academy page. For more details on classes in Ecuador visit our Program in Ecuador—Spanish Classes page.

Online Spanish Academy

Do you want to learn Spanish but can’t commit to a regular group class schedule?

SKYPE YOUR WAY TO SPANISH FLUENCY at times and places convenient for you at our Online Spanish Academy. This program is perfect for busy professionals, for students who want to maintain or improve their fluency, or for those planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Skype Program
Skyping Girl

“At first the idea of Skyping with someone on a different continent made me feel somewhat skeptical, but the reality of the ease of Skyping and the flexibility of the scheduling and location made me change my mind.”

Erica, Licensed Language Teacher

Our online program is flexible and convenient. You can schedule classes 7 days a week from early morning to late evening for as many hours as you can fit into your busy schedule. You don’t have to schedule the same days and times each week, and you don’t have to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. You can take your classes virtually any time or anywhere you have Internet access.

“Working with Fernando and Segunda Lengua Spanish School via Skype was a great experience and a perfect way to brush up on my Spanish before I moved to Ecuador. They are very easy to work with and worked around my schedule. Fernando is a wonderful teacher and I can’t wait to continue lessons with him once I am in South America. If I would have known Skype lessons were available I would have started much earlier. I highly recommend this to anyone about to travel to South America!”

NGO Volunteer

You study one-on-one with a qualified, native-speaking Spanish teacher in Ecuador. You get the most out of the time you spend because the class is geared entirely to you. 

Our teachers are highly trained and have years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language, so they can answer your questions in a simple direct way and offer help where you need it.  And instruction is available at all levels from beginners to advanced students. For more detailed information on our online program go to Online Spanish Academy.


Our Unique Program in Ecuador: Spanish School Without Walls

Segunda Lengua Spanish School is based in Otavalo, Ecuador in the heart of one of the most fascinating areas in South America. We offer a truly unique immersion program that combines exciting travel with immersion.  Learning takes place on-site in fascinating cultural and geographical sites, not in a classroom.  For example, you may learn about the famous Andean raptors at a condor park,  or walk through one of the most famous markets in South America and learn how to bargain in Spanish.


Classes are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours, and you can begin your classes at anytime during the year at a level that is comfortable for you. You can choose to study one-on-one with one of our highly qualified teachers or in small group classes of 3 or 4 students.

Discover Ecuador as You Learn

IYou’ll be immersed in Spanish while touring and experiencing this fascinating country, enriching your cultural knowledge as well as improving your language skills. For example, take part in a traditional shaman healing ceremony dating back to Incan times; visit the workshops of local weavers creating intricate weavings with yarn dyed with natural plant and animal products:

traditional shaman healing ceremony

or hike the surrounding countryside to see stunning crater lakes, pristine waterfalls and breathtaking mountain scenery with snow-capped volcanoes.

Snow-capped Volcano

In Otavalo, visit the largest indigenous market in South America, centered on the Plaza de Ponchos, where every Saturday thousands of people bring their handicrafts, agricultural products and animals to market and shop for their weekly supplies.

Indigenous Market
Indigenous Market

These are just a few of the interesting experiences we can arrange for you in the Otavalo area. For more information, go to Discover Ecuador.

Exploring Ecuador

We can also arrange trips to other parts of Ecuador at better prices than you’ll find elsewhere. Check prices on the Internet or at travel agencies, and then check with us.

  • Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest
  • The Galapagos Islands
  • Pacific Coast of Ecuador
  • The Ecuadorian Páramo
Exploring Ecuador
Exploring Ecuador - Galapagos
Exploring Ecuador
Exploring Ecuador

Information for Groups

Teachers:  Your students will be immersed in Spanish without having to sit in a classroom.  We offer you a flexible itinerary tailored to your wishes, featuring up to two exciting and fun-filled weeks. Contact our North American coordinators for more information. Discover Ecuador and learn Spanish!

Cross-cultural Adventure

Whatever your interests or passions, Segunda Lengua can teach you Spanish like you’ve never been taught before and help prepare you for the many wonderful cross-cultural adventures that lie ahead.

Housing in Ecuador

If you decide to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture of Ecuador, we can arrange a home stay with an Ecuadorian family. Family stays enrich your cultural experience and give you more practice in using the Spanish language. Or if you prefer, we can arrange housing at one of our volunteer projects or at a hostel or hotel. For more information about housing options in Ecuador, go to Housing in Ecuador.

Contact our English-speaking coordinators in the United States to answer your questions and help you make arrangements for your classes and payments.

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